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It is illegal under federal and state law for any person to injure or possess a bird of prey.

What to do: Injured birds should be turned over to a licensed rehabilitator or veterinarian immediately.

How to Handle an Injured Raptor:

  • 1. Find a lightweight item such as a towel, blanket, jacket, etc. large enough to cover the birds.
  • 2. If possible, approach the birds from behind. Cover and restrain quickly, being careful of the talons and beak.
  • 3. When the bird calms down, carefully fold the wings against the body.
  • 4. Place in a well-ventilated cardboard box slightly larger than the bird.
  • 5. Note the geographic location where the bird was found. This information will be helpful when the bird is ready for release.
  • 6. Call a raptor center contact person immediately for help.



Katie Cottrell
Kathy Strunk
Kris Brantley
Gary Mascaro
UT Vet School
Oak Ridge Vet Hospital


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